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Strict Leather Break-Away Jockstrap

Featured Image of Model Wearing Break-Away Jock

Get Noticed

Tear away the codpiece and your ready for anything the street can throw at you, day or night. Classic black leather jock with elastic around the waist and leg openings for a snug and comfortable fit.

Easy Release Tri-Cock-Ring

Trinity 3 ring cock ring

Easy Release

Made for comfort and pleasure, this great silicone cock and ball ring is like a three-ring circus for your fun parts! Wear it while jacking your manbeast or under your clothes for that important business meeting. It’s a great feeling for any occasion!

Stretch-To-Fit Cock Cage

Side view of cock ring

Makes You Feel Great

It’s described as a cock cage, but your balls will want to join in when they discover just how great this stretchy sleeve makes them feel when you’re masturbating. Simply place the cock through the cock cage and allow it to regulate the amount of blood that leaves the erect penis

Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator

Top down view of Tenga Flip Hole

Tenga Engineering Excellence

Tenga has a well-deserved reputation for designing innovative masturbators and the Flip Hole is no exception. Engineered from the bottom up with your masturbation pleasure in mind the Tenga Flip Hole sports features like

Man Eaters From Outer Space Waterproof Vibrator

Man Eaters From Outer Space Retail Package

Aliens Have Landed

Beware humans, once these little green men latch on there is no stopping them until they’ve drained you dry. Reports of contact remain scattered, but they’re increasing in volume every day.

Mr. Limpy by Fleshlight

Image of 3 Mr. Limpey's

Limp Dick Fun 🙂

Pull on it, slap it, stuff it in your pants. Do whatever you want to Mr. Limpy by Fleshlight and it will come back for more. It’s pure fun and makes a great gag.

Tenga Egg Masturbator

Spider Egg

Pocket Size Pleasure

These silicon eggs are filled with a luscious array of erotic sensations that will send paroxysms of sensual pleasure throughout your body. The egg comes in a variety of unique models, each one more delicious than the last.

Te Kunishan Masturbation Glove

Masturbation Glove

Discover the Zen of Jacking Off

The Te Kunishan Masturbation glove brings oneness to your mind and cock through pure sensory delight. These gloves are covered with nubs and nozzles that stimulate

Tenga Onacup 5-Pack

5 Tenga Cup Models

The Ergonomics of Masturbation

Only Tenga could create the perfect ergonomic design for masturbation. Each model produces a unique masturbation experience unlike anything you have felt before.

Silicone Cock Sling

Angled view of Silicon Cock Ring

This is not your average cock ring.

This 100% silicone teardrop style cock ring stimulates the perineum, giving you an external prostate massage while constricting your testicles and penis.

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Strict Leather Cock Ring

Close-up of Leather Cock Ring

Soft Leather

Snap this 9 by 3/4 inch long leather cock ring on to stay harder for longer. Five sizing slots help you get the right fit around your cock and balls and the feel of soft leather enhances the sexual stimulation.

Big Gummy Vibrating Cock Ring

Close-up of Big Gummy cock ring

Vibrating cock ring!

The Big Gummy has the power to rock your cock. Strap this vibrating cock ring on and feel the power of the stronger bullet surge through you cock making you bigger, harder for longer. No serious bator should be without this industrial strength WATERPROOF vibrating cock ring. Buy one today and feel the buzz.

Batteries included.

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