Possess Alpha™ Pheromone For Gay Men

Possess Alpha

Attract And Dominate

POSESS ALPHA™ is the same as Regular POSSESS™ for gay men, except for a heavy dash of Androstenone. The alluring fragrance and multi-pheromone formula is designed to enhance your perceived dominance and power. Alpha or not, you’ll love the way men look at you.

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Nude™ Pheromones For The Gay Male

Nude Pheromones For Gay Men

The Hidden Magic Of Attraction

Nude’s™ multi-pheromone formula is designed the experience pheromone user who understands what the magic is all about. Increase your status and desirability with a wider range of gay men. Make the connection with Nude™ unscented pheromones.

NPA Pheromone

Bottle of NPA next to a box

Get His Full Attention

Like the old PA, this new Pheromone Additive is odorless and designed to be added to your favorite cologne or after shave. (Please note this is sold as NPA for Women)

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Liquid Trust with Oxytocin

Bottle of Liquid Trust

Trust is Power

Enhance your willingness to accept social risk and gain trust.

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Scent of Eros, Unisex Pheromone Gel Packs

Scent of Eros

Proven Scent At A Bargain Price

Give this pheromone a try at an inexpensive price. The gel packs are unscented and convenient. When you see someone you’d like to know better, tear open a gel pack and apply like any cologne or aftershave.

Hypnotica Social Pheromone


Subtle and Mesmerizing

Increase your status and rank within desirable social groups and settings. Without overpowering, Hypnotica enhances your social prominence and likability in a natural and fluid manner. It works great as base to balance and contain more powerful alpha pheromones. Mesmerize and seduce with Hypnotica Social Pheromone.

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Nude Gay Alpha Pheromone

Nude Gay Alpha Bottle

For The Alpha Gay Male

Nude Gay Male’s pheromone formula is designed for gay men who want to display dominant alpha characteristics. A series of Swedish studies show that the pleasure centers of the gay men’s brain activate only when exposed to certain pheromones. In particular, when exposed to the pheromones of dominant healthy heterosexual males. Nude Gay Male’s formula is designed to take advantage of the finding of the Swedish studies. The product comes packaged as roll on pheromone for use with your favorite cologne or nothing at all.

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Possess™ Scented Phermone for Gay Men

Possess Pheromone Bottle

Project A Healthy Male Image

POSSESS™ gay pheromone formula was created for the gay male who wants to project a healthy high value male image. This product is based on Swedish research that scanned the brains of gay men while they were being exposed to different pheromones. These scans revealed that the pleasure centers of the homosexual brain light up only when exposed to certain pheromones. In particular gay men’s pleasure centers activated when exposed to the pheromones of dominant healthy straight males. The reaction was very similar to the brain pattern of heterosexual women. POSSESS™ gay formula was created using the information provided by the above mentioned research.

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Kane™ Sexual Pheromone Formula

Kane Pheromone

Pushing The Boundaries Of Arousal

Load up with an overpowering male alpha signature that is intensely sexual and desirable. The unscented gel formula goes right to the spot, lightening up the pleasure centers. Alpha or Beta is really not the point, it’s little something extra that can enrich and enliven your life.

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