Penis Enlargement Products

Apollo Automatic Head Pump

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Apollo Power Head Pump

Rave Reviews: “The best head pump ever.” The American Pumpers Association

Apollo’s Automatic Head Pump is easy to use and features powerful suction. It has a flanged based, so you can be sure of getting a secure seal, and it comes with a quick release button for added safety. Add 4 AAA batteries and you’re ready for an intense sexual sensation.

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Hydromax Penis Enhancer

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Red, blue, and clear hydromax pumps

Grow your Penis

Realize penis growth up to 2-3 inches in length and 1″ in girth. Unlike pills, surgery, and traditional penis pumps, the Hyrdomax is 100% safe to use. There is no separated hand pump and it’s as easy to operate as giving yourself a handjob. Just 15 minutes a day while your taking a bath or shower will produce immediate results and permanent results after 6 weeks.

Basic Penis Pump

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Complete Basic Penis Pump

Just The Pump

No frills basic penis pump with quick release valve and inflation bulb. For twenty bucks and change, this is a great value that won’t let you down. Increase your dicks girth and length to get more from your solo sessions.

Cock Head Pump Enlarger

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Head Pump

For The Perfect Shroom Head

Perfect for edgers and gooners, this pump enhances the sensitivity of the glans (head). Simple design with bulb and clear cylinder. Take your bate to the next level.

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Cyberskin 4″ Penis Extension

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Illustration of penis with extension

Super-size It!

Add 4 inches to that order with the Cyberskin 4″ penis extender. Realistic feel and comes with 1 ounce of lube and talc to maintain its smooth texture. Slip it on like a condom and your ready to go.

Deluxe Electric Penis Pump Kit

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Electric Penis Pump

Consistent, Adjustable Pressure.

Forget tiring hand pumps and save your strength for more pleasurable pursuits. The electric pump in conjunction with the release valve gives

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Beginners Penis Pump

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Penis pump and retail package

Great Buy

This is a great beginners penis pump with a medical style pump ball, quick release valve, and a tight fitting donut ring. Everything you need to get the size and girth results your looking for.

Vibrating Sure Grip Penis Pump

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Pump next to retail package

Affordable Quality

The sure grip trigger makes it easy to get pumped up, while the bullet vibrator adds a bit of spice. The pump features a flexible PVC opening for a tight fit, quick release valve, detachable hose, and a vibrating bullet.

Stroking Power Penis Pump

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Stroking Power Pump next to retail package

Penis Pump and Masturbator

This all in one pleasure unit grows it and strokes it at the same time. Features a suction bulb, powerful vertical masturbator, textured silicon sleeve, remote with multi-speed settings, and intense vibrating action. Your cock will thank you.

Max Width Penis Pump

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Max Width Penis Pump

Increase Erection & Sensation

Easy to use pistol grip with a tight sealing cylinder help you realize maximum results with minimum effort. Enjoy increased self-confidence without surgery or drugs. Includes quick release valve and clear cylinder

Mega Grip XL Penis Pump

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Penis pump cylinder and hand grip pump

Extra Power

The mega grip pump handle lets you get the most out the hand pump action. This is a quality pump with quick release value, thick smokey cylinder, and soft PVC sleeve for a snug seal. Cleanup is a snap and the pump comes with a free cock ring.

Advance Master Gauge Penis Pump

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Master Gauge Penis Pump

Maximum Suction For Maximum Results

The enhanced design of the ergonomic pump handle produces incredible suction to get the results you’ve dream off. Features and extra large cylinder, quick release value, silicon donut for an extra secure fit, flanged based, and built in gauge.