Men's Underwear

Bike No. 10 Vintage Jockstrap – Limited Edition

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Poster for Jockstrap No. 10

Classic, Elegant, and Sexy!

There are only 6,000 of these jockstraps, so it you like what you see you better snap it up fast. The Bike No. 10 Jockstrap looks as good today as it did in 1874, when it was introduced. It’s the type of jockstrap that looks right at home in locker room. It is way a guy wears and it’s priced to keep some change in your pant pockets.

Delio Dietz Firenze Brief

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Firenze Brief

Human and Environment Friendly Cellulose Fabric

Delio Dietz’s Firenze Brief not only looks good, it’s good for the environment and for you. Firenze briefs come in a variety of colors including an elegant turquoise with yellow-gold trim. The briefs have a body-flattering fit without being stretchy or overly snug. You’ll enjoy the soft comfortable feel and the light but firm waistband.

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Cellblock 13 Jockstraps

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Cellblock 13 Jock

Do it! Be it!

There’s no place to hide who you are or what you want. On the streets or locked up, what you feel is raw and direct. Shake the bars and rattle those chains with Cellblock 13 jockstraps and fetish wear. Great fitting fashion underwear from the streets of Los Angeles.

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Sukrew Underwear

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Sukrew Full Jock

Sexual Unity KREW

The idea behind Sukrew is to help men feel sexual, sensual and confident. Their designs feature super soft fabrics, plush waistbands, the highest quality craftsmanship, and a glove-like fit. Sudrew’s underwear comes in a variety of styles, including U-Style which indicates a hole in crotch providing you manhood with total freedom.

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Fort Grunt Viper Sports Jock

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Viper Jock

Soft and Sexy Feel

Tight and stretchy look that is comfortable to wear. 84/16 polyester spandex fabric with a full mesh pouch that breaths. The Viper Sport Jock is bright, colorful, and sexy. Open back and, of course, the right size to fit your stuff.

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Fort Grunt Viper Sports Trunk

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Viper Sports Trunk

A Sexy Splash of Color

Body hugging fit that sets off your stuff in a blaze of color. The Viper Sports Trunk features a breathable mesh pouch that keeps your junk comfortable all day long. Buy a 3 pack today for a sexy look at a great price.

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Nasty Pig Jockstraps

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Nasty Pig Jocks

A Badge Of Honor

From a little rubber fetish shop in Chelsea to an internationally recognized designer, Nasty Pig has never lost its edge. Their jocks feature 95/5 cotton with spandex fabric, double wall ribbed pouch, ¼ inch leg straps, and 1½ waistband. No matter what the scene, Nasty Pig jocks will show your junk off in style.

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Komfortmoon Lime Thong

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Komfortmoon Lime Thong

Minimal Coverage

Stretchy and firm, Komfortmoon Thongs by diëtz provide maximum exposure for the man who is comfortable with his assets. The 84% polyamide with 16% elastan fabric helps to enhance the underwear’s bulge revealing design.

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Fort Grunt Viper Brief

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Viper Briefs

Tight N’ Right Men’s Breifs

Viper briefs are a blast of color with a tight but comfortable fit that perfectly highlights your assets. Made from 84/14 stretchy poly/spandex blend, the Viper features a mesh pouch that breaths to keep your stuff fresh and happy. Pick up a 3-pack of Viper Briefs at a great price.

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2(X)IST Shapewear Form Trunk

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Shapewear From Trunk Front

We can all use a bit of support!

The Shapewear Form trunk features a contour pouch that enhances your bulge and a 6-inch compression waistband to take as much as 2 inches off your waist. Made from a 80% Cotton/ 20% Spandex fiber blend.

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2(X)IST Shapewear Maximize Brief

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Shapewear Maximum Brief

Maximize Your Assets

2(X)ist modified the pouch on this low rise brief to maximize the bulge. It is made from 96% Modal (cellulose) / 4% Spandex fabric that provides a body contouring fit without without leaving you squeezed or confined.

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2(X)IST Essential Knit Boxer

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Cotton Knit Boxer

Comfort First

100% all natural cotton knit boxers with a button fly, tapered legs, and an all natural fit. These are everyday underwear that look and feel great without pushing you up, out, or squeezing your vitals.

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