Men's Health and Grooming Products

Ball Shaver

Ball Shaver Electric Razor

Give your balls a close shave without fear of razor burns and nicks with this inexpensive electric ball shaver.

Fresh Balls

Tube of Fresh Balls

Respect For Your Balls

You never know when you are going to have to use them, so keep your balls fresh and dry with Fresh Balls Lotion.

Body and Back Hair Groomer

Top view of Back Shaver

Self-grooming was never easier. The Body and Back Hair Groomer is perfectly shaped and extendable to help you get at those hard to reach places. Water-resistant and ready to clean up your back, groin, butt, chest, legs, underarms – you name it. Includes a detail trimmer for quick close-in work.

Weener Kleener Bator Soap

Bator Soap Retail Package

Slip the Weener Kleener soap ring around you dick and work up and down to build up a copious lather. Don’t stop until your dick is sparkling clean. Use as required to keep your penis fresh, clean, and happy. Please note, this product comes with one warning. Weener Kleaner soap should only be used on…

Streem Master Anal Douche System

Retail Package displaying product components

The Streem Master is an easy to setup anal douche hygiene system. It has received excellent reviews from men who have purchased it. It is easy to use and great for travel. You attach the the funnel to the shower head, adjust the pressure clip on the 6 foot hose for the right pressure, and…

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