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Leather Biker Cap

Leather Biker Cap

The Wild One

The leather Muir Cap is the quintessential leather man look! It’s a symbol of tough, on top dominance, mastery and strength. On top of everything else, they just look great on guys wearing them. This all-masculine Muir Cap features hand-rolled piping along the edge that comes in red gray, blue, yellow, white or the traditional black. Hidden inside the cap is a concealed pocket for ID, rubbers, cash, condoms, or whatever. Each Muir Cap comes with its own storage case with handle.

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Fort Troff M-80 Brief

FT-M-80 Brief

Fort Troff M-80 Brief

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Hunk2 Jockstraps

Hung2 Jockstraps

Sexy Men’s Underwear

Look good, feel good. Whether you’re at the gym or sweating out a game of hoops, Hunk2 will give you the freedom, comfort, and style to look and play your best. Hunk2 Jockstraps are designed in the USA and come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Strict Leather Break-Away Jockstrap

Featured Image of Model Wearing Break-Away Jock

Get Noticed

Tear away the codpiece and your ready for anything the street can throw at you, day or night. Classic black leather jock with elastic around the waist and leg openings for a snug and comfortable fit.

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Bike No. 10 Vintage Jockstrap – Limited Edition

Poster for Jockstrap No. 10

Classic, Elegant, and Sexy!

There are only 6,000 of these jockstraps, so it you like what you see you better snap it up fast. The Bike No. 10 Jockstrap looks as good today as it did in 1874, when it was introduced. It’s the type of jockstrap that looks right at home in locker room. It is way a guy wears and it’s priced to keep some change in your pant pockets.

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Ice Silk Magnetotherapy Boxers

Magnetic Underwear

Bathe Your Crotch With Magnetic Particles

Enhance your energy, sleep better, strengthen your immune system, kick up your oxygen content, and add to your bodies mineral content. Does it work? Give these comfortable and breathable shorts a try and discover the benefits of Magnetotherapy.

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Male Power Loincloth

Male Power Loincloth

Swinging on Vines with a Tarzan Yell!

The animal print gives this unique loincloth a deep in the jungle look. The included thong provides a modest cover when you’re swinging through the trees or flapping in a breeze. Let your inner ape out with this attractive and breezy loincloth.

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Shapewear Boxer

Shapewear Front

Get A Butt Lifting Tummy Tuck

Beat the bulge with this Shapewear Boxer’s 88/12 nylon plus spandex blend. The breathable elastic fit will help you look trim and fit without counting calories.

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Maskulo Full Fetish Short With Codpiece

Muskulo Short Front

Modest Fetish Wear

Black on black detailing, padded codpiece, and broad 2 1/4 inch waistband combine to make Maskulo’s Full Fetish Short a uniquely masculine male undergarment. The massive codpiece can be removed to reveal everything or left on to create an impressive bulge. The use of lycra ensures the short wraps around your body like an extra layer of skin.

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Super Thin Ice Silk Boxer Briefs

Thin Ice Silk Boxer Briefs - Royal Blue

Transparent, Breathable, And Seamless

These elegantly designed boxer briefs are light and transparent with a shape revealing fit. The quality and price will blow you away. Available in white, royal blue, and black colors in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large sizes.

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Hunk2 Apollo Poche Briefs

Hunk2 Apollo Brief

Underwear with Pockets

Whimsical and fun underwear featuring a stylish design with pockets. The pockets add a unique look they’re a great place to store a condom.

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Male Power Wet Look Boxer Shorts

Power Wet Look Boxer Shorts

Bulge Enhancing Boxers

The wet look combined with a bulge-enhancing design make these boxers irresistibly sexy. Made from a stretchy body conforming material with a dripping wet look and a touch of turquoise color to get the eyes where you want them.

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