Masturbation Lubricant

Fougera Surgilube Jelly

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Sterile & Bacteriostatic

Safe and perfect for use with metal sex toys like sounds and various surgical instruments. Made from a blend of natural water-soluble gums, Surgilube is safe, reliable, and easy to use. If you enjoy inserting objects into your body, don’t mess with anything else.

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Albolene, Masturbation Cream

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Front of Albolene Container

Simply The Best

Hands down, or up for that matter, nothing beats Albolene. A perfect blend of paraffin, mineral oil, and petrolatum, Albolene possesses unrivaled qualities as a masturbation cream. No matter what the stroke rate, the smooth glide will keep you coming back for more.

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Power Glide Male Masturbation Arousal Gel

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Power Glide From Him retail package

Don’t just beat your meat, Tenderize It!

Power Glide is a slippery smooth masturbation gel that uses liposomes to deliver sensation enhancing nutrients directly into the bloodsteam. It’s effect is dramatic and can last for up to an hour.

Grunt H20 Lube

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Grunt H2O Lube

Silky Smooth H2O Lube

8.2 ounces of surprisingly thick and slippery lube to keep things sliding smoothly. Paraben free, this lube won’t stain the sheets and everything else it gets on. Water-based lube is particularly good for solo activity and for use with sex toys. Grunt H2O Lube contains non-toxic and gentle glycerin, so apply liberally for best results.

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Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream

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Tube of Stroke 29

From the makers of Gun Oil, so you know it’s field tested and proven. Goes on thick and creamy, and by stroke 29 you’ll be in the grove and feeling fine. Heat changes the texture and feel of Stoke 29 Masturbation Cream, making each yank better than the last. Strip it down and lube it…

Gun Oil Silicone-Based Masturbation Lubricant

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Display of Gun Oil Products

Oiled & Ready To Fire

Based upon the formula used in CLP (a lube used by soldiers), Gun Oil is a slick, stimulating silicone-based lubricant that won’t chaff or irritate. It will provide a long-lasting feel with just a little application. It is made of the highest grade silicone (Dimethicone), hypoallergenic and won’t stain fabrics.

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Passion Natural Water-Based Lube

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Image of 3 bottles of Passion Lube

Long Lasting Passion

While we all know that nothing outlasts silicone lube, the premium glycerin-free formula in this lube means that it lasts a lot longer than many more costly water based lubes. That means fewer applications and no sticky or tackiness ruining your fun. It goes on easy, lasts a long time, and cleans up fast.

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Fleshjack Lubricants

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Cans of Fleshjack Lube

Designed to provide the optimal silky smooth feel for use with or without the Fleshjack

Eros Lube

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3 cans of Eros Lube

Discover the pleasure and see why millions of people have made Eros their lube of choice. The super-concentrated Original Eros Body Glide brings German technology and quality to a personal level. Eros is super-slippery and long-lasting, it won

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Wet Warming Lubricant

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3 Cans of Wet Warming Lube

Warm Wet Lube

Gently heats upon contact with your skin. Apply as needed, this lubricant will also moisturizes and will easily wash away with water.

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Cum Lube

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Can of Cum Lube

Looks Like Real Cum

Forget the face cleaner. Get a man’s lube. Cum hard, cum often with Cum Lube.

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Egg Lotion

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Tenga Egg Lube

Tenga Egg Rejuvenation

This water-base masturbation lubricant from Tenga is a perfect fit for the egg, flip, and 3D products. It’s clear, fragrance free, and has a smooth non-sticky texture. Use it on all your sex toys or to enhance a good old-fashion hand job.

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