Masturbation Courses And Training

10,000 Hours of Orgasmic Yoga

Orgasmic Yoga

Practice Makes Perfect

Joe Miron, the instructor of 10,000 Hours of Orgasmic Yoga. brings discipline, direction, and order to the mastery of sexual perfection. Joe is a certified Sexological Bodyworker who teaches through example rather than words. Join Joe on his quest for mastery of erotic practices.

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Changing My Life Masturbation Course

Changing My Life

Erotic self-regulation wanking

Learn from Terry Weisser his innovative solo-loving technique of masturbation. Learn new breathing patterns and refined masturbation techniques. Discover deeper more fulfilling methods of self-pleasure.

Introduction to Healthy Porn Watching


Get The Most Out Masturbating To Porn

This experimental course, taught by Philip Deal, explores the use of yoga practices and strategies to help you get the most out of your love of porn. Maximize the intense sensations of watching porn to become a healthier and sexually complete human being.

Journey To Orgasm


Erotic Self-Regulation

Learn how to master sexual energy and control its release. You decide when to orgasm or not, when to relax, and when to get excited. The class stresses self-acceptance and erotic pleasure without guilt or shame.

Joy Of Thrusting

DVD cover Joy of Thrusting

Advanced Pelvic Thrusting

This class requires the use of a Fleshlight or similar masturbator. Learn 10 different positions and techniques from Philip Deal as you discover the true flexibility and strength of your thrusting muscles.

Palm Springs Tantric Yoga

Picture of Loren Johnson

Discover Tantric Sexual Awareness

Join Loren Johnson on a two hour tour of the sexual and spiritual fulfillment that tantric yogo can bring to your life. Discover chi kung breathing, spinal cord breathing, heart centered awareness, perineum power, the organic bliss of internal chi circulation, and the sexual transforming power of the power lock.

Evolutionary Masturbation For Men

Joseph Kramer's Masturbation Course

The Next Step In Masturbation

Expand your understanding of male erotic pleasure as you discover deeper levels of self-love and awareness. Learn about high friction strokes, perineum message, the use of toys, erotic breathing rhythms, and much more under the instruction of Joseph Kramer Ph.D. and Joe Miron. Free your mind and explore the possibilities solo sexual pleasure.

Mindful Masturbation For Men

Book cover with man in lotus position

Learn From A Master

In this explicit video that started the whole movement of Mindful Masturbation, erotic activist Bruce P. Grether introduces you personally and directly to the practice he has developed since 1995. With unusual honesty, clarity and directness, Bruce coaches you naked and face-to-face how to get in touch with your body and sexuality.

The Power Of Mindful Masturbation For Men

DVD Cover featuring man in lotus postion

A More Profound Mastery

This course explores deeper levels of self-eroticism and sexual awareness. Discover the higher and richer levels of pleasure that await you as you learn to open your heart to inner-sexuality and fulfillment.

Mindful Masturbation: Brotherhood Of Men

DVD Cover featuring two men

Communal Acceptance and Growth

In Bruce Grether’s third course on Mindful Masturbation, he provides access to the rituals of his Male Mystery School and the Phallic Brotherhood of Men. Discover the beauty of masculinity within a communal setting of men who share a deeper understanding of erotic self-fulfillment and awareness.

Self Anal Massage For Men


Explore the solo sexual pleasures of anal massage under the tutelage of Joseph Kramer Ph.D. Move beyond taboo into the realm of self-awareness and sexual fulfillment. This class includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction.

Sexual Kung-Fu

DVD Cover for Sexual-Ku

The Cultivation of Sexual Energy

Harness the immense power of sexual energy through practice. Increase your potency, performance, and yes, even the size of your penis. Become more confident, healthier, and more alive with a vitality you have not experience before. Take control over sexual energy and master its underlying power.