Fleshlight Launch

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Fleshjack Launch Slide Two

The Future of Masturbation

Slip your favorite Fleshlight inside the Launch, slide it over your cock, and blast off into the future of masturbation. Not enough, well, strap on a VR headset and tune into specially encoded videos that will stream you into a whole new world of sexual pleasure. Still, want more? Set the length and speed of the Launch’s stroke, then sit back and enjoy the incredible hands-free operation.

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Mega Bator Mouth Masturbator

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Extreme All-In-One Masturbator

This puppy does just about everything. It has a one-touch locking suction cup that will hold it in place on virtually any flat surface. There is a locking tab that secure a mobile media device for truly hands-free operation. The Mega Bator is user rechargeable via a standard USB port and the device features an exclusive suspension system that holds the spinning and trusting sleeve in place.

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Onyx Interactive Masturbator

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Onyx Interactive Masturbator

A Masturbator That Responds to Touch

As you move you finger across the touchpad, the Onyx Interactive Masturbator responds with penetrating thrusts and movement. Ten independently contracting rings provide a life-like sensation that animates the Superskin™ sleeve imbuing it with unmistakably human qualities. Finally, it can link up with Onyx compatible device anywhere in the world allowing you to pleasure others.

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blewit masturbator

Pleasure Training

Masturbation helps you develop the stamina and control needed to last longer and fuck better. The blewit masturbator doubles down on the masturbation approach to better sex and takes it to the next level. Get ready for some mindful masturbation and serious pleasure training with the blewit masturbator.

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Lovense Max

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Max with phone

Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Masturbator!

Load up the app on your IOS device, Android, or desktop and wack each other off from across the world or a room. Into music, wack off to your favorite tunes. Share a sexual experience without respect to distance or convention.

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Fifi Masturbator

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Fifi in orange

A Better Wank

Fifi will love you along time at a very respectable price. This masturbator has disposable sleeves that cost less than a buck, so no mess and no clean up. When your done with Fifi, just toss it in the trash and forget about it.

Tenga 3D Polygon Male Masturbator

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Polygon 3D in plastic case

Pyramids of Ecstasy

Deep penetrating edges that groove the slide with unimagined sensations. Transcend mind and body as you become one with the infinite waves of pleasures.

Tenga Deep Throat Onacup

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Front view of Deep Throat Cup

Deep Penetrating Sensation

Well, if you can’t figure this one out, you probably shouldn’t buy it. It’s about the feel and Tenga knows how to make it’s toys feel good. Use it and lose it, or shoot somewhere else and use it again.

Tenga Zen

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Tenga Zen in plastic case

Feel the Subtleties of Perfection

Clear your mind, breath, and discover the deeper sensations of “Zen Oneness” with your cock. This is an ideal male masturbator for edgers, gooners, and enlightened strokers who know how to relax and get down to it. Take your time with the ridges and swirls as they caress your cock and free your mind for the ultimate pleasure of release.

TENGA Air-Tech Vacuum Cup

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Air-Tech regular and large

Reusable Vacuum Cup Tenga cups can get pretty expensive when you can only use theme once. No matter how good Japanese engineering gets (and it gets pretty damn good), they’re competing against the hand which has been the preferred free masturbation device for ever. The Air-Tech up helps to addresses some the competitive price issues…

Fleshjack Go Torque Ice

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Go Torque Ice

Magnify and Enhance

The Go Torque Ice has has a transparent sleeve that magnifies your penis letting you and your partner to catch all the action. The Go Torque Ice features a non-anatomical orifice, SuperSkin sleeve, compact case, and super-realistic feel.

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Turbo Stroker Masturbator

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Turbo Stroker

Strokes and Vibrates Your Cock

3 levels of vibrations plus 3 stroking speeds provide an exceptional simulated blowjob. The Turbo Stroker is waterproof, fits easily in the plam of your hand, and runs on 4AA batteries. The silicon sleeve and donut seal provide a secure fit and make cleanup a snap.

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