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Lost Kingdom

Lost Kingdom Cover

Lost Kingdom is a fantastic new series filled with rich mythology, action, magic and of course, sexy naked men splayed across each page. In the classic tradition of heroic fantasies, this new series chronicles the story of two very different kingdoms joining together to fight a common enemy. Each page is overflowing with testosterone while…

Greek Love

Greek Love

“Funny, Tender, Whimsical, and Utterly Filthy!”

To keep from being skewered by Are’s, Eros tricks Ares and Herakles in falling into hot, nasty, Greek carnal love. In the end, the Heavens are set right and Eros gets his cumuppance.

“Much gay porn in comics is tired, repetitive, and joyless, but that’s one tradition and precedent Dale Lazarov dispenses with. Under the happy penstrokes of Adam Graphite, Lazarov delivers a smutfest that is funny, tender, whimsical, and utterly, utterly filthy.”— Will Morgan for Comiczine-FA

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Camili-Cat: Changes

Camili-Cat Cover

Forget about those sexually frustrated superheroes. Class Comics brings you the most imaginative, boundary-pushing homo jackoff material you’ll find anywhere. Beautifully drawn and absolutely electric. Print and PDF versions available.

Ghostboy and Diablo

Cover Image

Ghostboy and Diablo have always had their eyes on each other, if not their hands. Now they have their own mini series packed full with romance, heartache, villains, and action.


Angelface Cover

Two friends rob a jewellery store in London and lay their hands on a small fortune. After a wild night of lustfull celebrations, Red wakes up to find Alan (also called Angelface) has taken off with the loot! Not one to let his fortunes vanish, Red follows a steamy trail of clues to a ship…

Naked Justice


Felix Himner fights injustice with a immense cock and plenty of attitude. A mild mannered banker, Felix rips off his clothes to become, Naked Justice, a superhero with – well – a super dick. Join him as he travels the globe to fight evil and make the world safe for – well –

Brother to Dragons

Cover Page Brother To Dragons

This wonderfully rich comic set in the middle ages takes you to a land that is lush, exotic, and populated with hot sexy men. Whether you like twinks, bears or everything in between, this series from Class Comics is for you. Join AlaÏ, the farm boy, as he discovers the mysteries of dragon worship and…


Cover Zahn

Immerse yourself in a place where brutal beasts, ancient magic, and horny barbarians rule the land. Savor the brute force and powerful thrusts of Zahn’s arms and loins! Relish the savage, uncontrolled sex as Zahn journeys through dark jungles filled with unspeakable horrors and powerful magic.


Cover Page

Class Comics’ authorized English translation of the French hit series Porky. Famed for its raunchy sex, twisted story lines, and the insatiable sexual appetites of it’s massively proportioned characters, Porky is a visceral plunge into overpowering gay male sexuality.

Class Comics

Tug Harder Episode 2

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