Erection Enhancement

The Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro Deluxe

A Scientific Approach

Ok, it looks a bit like a medieval rack for your dick, but there’s real science to back this product up. If you really want to grow your dick without going under the knife or swallowing strange pills with stranger ingredients, then stretch it out with a Quick Extender Pro. Get real result! Results you can see, and touch, and feel. So, if you’ve ever wondered what an extra inch or two would be like, find out now by heading over to the Quick Extender website.

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Cocktail Girth Enhancer

Image of extender next to retail package

Dress It Up!

Adds girth and support to your penis. Stretchy and made with unscented, body safe phthalate free material.

Vibrating Penis Extender

Image of Penis Extender Retail Package

Adds 3.5 Inches

Get a bigger, badder penis that vibrates. Stretchy sleeve with textured extension and a removable bullet.

Adonis Invisible Ball Pouch

Pouch with bullet

The Adonis Invisible Ball Pouch provides stimulating erection enhancement with ball and shaft support. The three speed battery powered bullet gets your rocks going while it sends vibrating waves down your cock. The stretchy TCP (thermosoftening plastic) provides a snug comfortable fit. It’s clear, so you have an unimpeded view of what is going on down there.

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Private Gym

Private Gym

Better Sex Through Exercise

Strengthen up your pelvic muscles by putting your dick through boot camp. Just 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week and your on your way to a stronger healthier dick less prone to erectile dysfunction. Enhance you sex life and ward off the effects of age by building up your pelvic muscles using the Private Gym’s 8 week interactive training program. Everything you need is included in the kit, along with a money back guarantee.

Jelqing Serum

Jelqing Serum

Bigger, Faster

It is fairly common for men to desire a bigger penis. Does Jelqing or “milking” produce the desired result? Some say it does and you’ll just have to find out yourself. Bathmate’s Jelqing Serum has what you need to help you safely get the most out our of your efforts to increase the length of your penis.

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