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Sex Files #22: Diary Of A Prison Doctor

Diary Of A Prison Doctor

Joe Gage adds a whole new twist to doing HARD time

The Doctor, Prison Padre, and inmates shed any and all moral constraint to indulge in unfettered sexual debauchery. Joe Gage and crew at their best, stripping human nature to the bone and gnawing on it. “Don’t worry” it “ain’t going to hurt you.” Much.

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Joe Gage Sex Files Vol. #21 – SHOW HARD

Show Hard Caption

Life was so much simpler in black and white.

Joe Gage has returned to a simpler time with a black and white film shot in a Long Island bathroom set in 1954. It may be a different time and place, but the action is directed Joe Gage’s inimical style.

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Joe Gage’s After the Heist

Still cap from After The Heist

Where’s The Frickin’ Money?

Crime and money set the backdrop for this Joe Gage action/thriller filled with grunts, groans, and pounding flesh. This one has everything: an exceptional cast, masterful direction, and great sex. Destined to become another Joe Gage narrative porn classic.

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Sex Files Vol. #19, It’s A Job

Working Hard Caption

So, what’s the deal doc?

It’s hard work and harder play in this installment of Joe Gage’s Sex Files. Hard working stiffs giving their all in this soon to be a Joe Gage classic.

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Hot Properties, Directed by Chris Ward


Hot Properties is a full budget gay porn video with crisp direction, strong acting, and scene after scene of wad blowing action.

Auto Fellatio 1 & 3 Double Feature


When you want the job done right, do it yourself!

Directed and Produced by Edward James with an interesting cast of would be self-suckers. The film features amazing and exhausting acrobatics by a bunch of horn dogs trying their hardest to suck down their own. What the film lacks in enthusiasm, it more than makes up for with instructional material and interesting ideas.

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Joe Gage’s Dad Gets In Trouble

Still cap from Dad Gets in Trouble

There never was a man like Dad!

Joe Gage continues to push the limits of the unacceptable with Dad Get’s In Trouble. A Preacher, a cop, an orgy, and a great deal of questionable taste. As always with Joe Gage films, exceptional direction with lots of action.

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Ray Dragon’s Suck Shack On Old Country Road

Promo cap Suck Shack

Guys Being Guys

A couple of stalls on a dirt road provide the backdrop for this gay porn feature by Ray Dragon. Non-stop in the woods action with guys peeing, watching, fucking, sucking, fingering, and jerking.

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Joe Gage’s Armed Forces Physical

DVD cover Armed Forces Physical

Always Strong, Always Brave, Always Ready!

GI Joes, a green tent in the woods, a sturdy tree on the test range, and no sign of battle fatigue. Armed Forces Physical features non-stop flesh pounding action with plenty grunts and groans from a well-seasoned cast of Joe Gage regulars.

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Whiplash, Directors Cut

Picture of Ray Dragon with leather cap

Directed By And Starring Ray Dragon

Two and a half hours of extreme gay hardcore action. Sucking, fucking, flogging, elbow deep fisting, water sports, smoke sex, orgy – this one has it all and then some. Enter the forbidden zones of Ray Dragon’s dark and wild dungeon.

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Porn Star Training

Ray Dragon with Adam Rider

So You Want To Do Porn Star, Do You?

It’s Adams first time in front of the camera and Ray Dragon puts him to the test in a rehearsal session turned into a feature film. Adam proves he’s a match for the master, taking everything Ray Dragon can hand out. Includes there short black and white web cam sessions. Ray suggests this film is great for edging and masturbating.

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American Bukkake

American Bukkake cover

Joe Gage Private Stock

70 minutes of intense primal action captured as only Joe Gage can. Featuring Allen Silver, American Bukkake is an intense and focused expos

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