Moontusk: Rendezvous In A Ruined City

Moontusk Rendezvous In A Ruined City

An Erotic Fantasy Epic by Bruce P. Grether

In an intricately developed alternate world, the moon has rings, mammoths survive in the far north, and a patriarchal empire rules over provincial kingdoms where the Goddess is still revered. Handsome Prince Dare flees from his royal duties on a quest for enlightenment, and in high mountains of the far north he finds love in the arms of a young man named Hosis.

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Moontusk: Orchid of Awakening

Moontusk: Orchid of Awakening

The Saga Continues!

Dare and Hosis travel with the mysterious woman, Lady Dee, who brought them together and she sponsors their travels. The three companions sail from the mainland to Dreamwake Island in the South Seas. There they learn that an army of women has overthrown the empire, and the lady leaves them. Dare is determined to seek the fabled Dream Orchid, though Hosis fears he will die if he discovers the fabled flower.

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Moontusk: Ivory and Gold (Moontusk Chronicles)

Moontusk: Ivory and Gold

Bruce P. Grether’s fourth entry in the Moontusk Series.

As the fourth book of the intriguing and frankly erotic Moontusk Chronicles unfolds, either the world is ending-or it’s about to change beyond

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Moontusk: The Return of Othis

Moontusk: The Return of Othis

Book Three In The Intensely Erotic Fantasy!

The young lovers Dare and Hosis have deepened their relationship on Dreamwake Island. However, Dare feels compelled to return to the mainland to discover what is really happening in the homeland he deserted. Along the way they are captured by slavers and separated. Meanwhile, an army of men marches down from the north to challenge the new matriarchal regime. Can the return of the god Othis end the impending conflict?

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The Secret Of The Golden Phallus

Book Cover with snake and icon

Male solosexuality is the new frontier of consciousness, and practiced as an art it has the power to enhance self-esteem, transform your life… and possibly even help to save the planet.

The Multi-Orgasmic Man

The Mulit-orgasmic Man book cover

Once is never enough

This excellent manual, which blends Eastern and Western philosophies, explicitly details how men can learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation

How to Enlarge Your Penis: Facts and Fallacies

How To Enlarge Your Penis Book Cover

This is the Revised 1988 Edition and it’s still a great reference. You’ll learn about ancient and modern penis enlargement techniques, all amply illustrated with images of renowned cocks like those of Ray Fuller and John Holmes. Priced under $6.