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Australian Bulge Cock Pump

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Sure Grip Penis Pump

This is a quality penis pump with a lot of nice features at a very affordable price. It features a quick release value, clear vacuum chamber, and an ergonomic sure-grip pump. Grow the cock you have always wanted. Features * One-Handed Operation * High-Intensity Suction * Quick-Release Pressure Valve * Form-Fitting Silicone Sleeve * Improve…

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Vibro Tease Anal Probe

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Vibra Tease Retail Package

Intense, Pulsating Vibrations!

The Vibro Tease is easy to operate and clean-up is a snap. A simple tap of a button and the quite vibrations surge through you, intensifying your erotic pleasure.

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Rock Hard Automatic Penis Pump

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Penis pump with retail package

No Pumping Required

Using the Rock Hard Penis Pump is about as easy as it gets. Just press a button and suction is applied automatically. The pump is quite, has a non-crimping detachable hose, and an automatic release valve.

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Power Prostrate Massager

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Prostate probe with controller

Recommended By Dr. Joel Kaplan

The Power Prostate Massager features 8 operation speeds, is waterproof, and was design specifically for men. It has a tapered tip for easy insertion and the connector between the plug and controller has plenty of reach. The probe is 2.6″ long by 1″ wide.

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Cyclone 50 Powered Masturbator

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Angle view of Cyclone 50 Masturbator

50 Patterns Of Vibration

The Cyclone 50 masturbator provides endless patterns of vibration and sexual stimulation to get you off. Fully charged the masturbator provides up to 60 minutes of dick-throbbing action controlled by a series of buttons on its base. No wires or bulky control units, everything is contained in a single compact unity. Comes with charger, lotion, and attachment.

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Locking Cock Cage

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Cock Cage

Lock Down There is nothing quite like the constraining grip of steel to lock down down and inspire compliance. There is no getting hard and no getting out without the key. So, lock him down and take control. Ring Measurements Circumference: 5.5″ (14cm) Diameter: 1.78″ (4.5cm)

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Perfect Fit Cock Armour Ring

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Cock Armour


Cock armour is more than a cock ring. It is designed to fit you perfectly and become part of your anatomy. Made from PF, it is safe to wear and easy to clean. Discover the cock ring perfected.

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FGMO Gay Super Site

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For Gay Men Only


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