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The site operates on a token economy. You buy tokens and tip the man you’re watching and chatting with. Tipping is at your discretion, and you don’t have to tip to enjoy the action or conversation. Normally, for a given amount of tokens – contributed by everyone participating – a highly desired action takes place. Clothing is removed and any number of erotic acts are performed. The token economy enlivens the experience and moves things along in the desired direction. The wait can be excruciating and oh so pleasurable.

You’ll find that there are a lot of attractive and interesting men on system looking for your attention and approval. Be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you. You know how it works.

There are some constraints on conversation, but generally nothing more than what’s required to make the experience fun for everyone. Beware, there’s an addicting quality to it. Its very sexy and engaging. The live social environment makes it even more so, and unpredictable. That’s part of the fun.

Perhaps the best thing about the system is, the more people participating, the more open and free the environment becomes. All participants view each other’s chat entries and notices of token donations, including who the donor is. No one is left out and everyone shares the same – or at least, similar – objectives. Pretensions are dropped as the party kicks into high gear and the real fun begins.

You can set up your own cam if you want. It is open to everyone and you decide how you would like to participate in the community. Get in front of the cam, or sit back and enjoy. The service is free, so try it out and find out just how exciting and entertaining Chaturbate is.

Don’t forget to lube up and remember, everyone has to sleep.


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